Holier Than Thou


“from Shakespeare’s play Hamlet, 1602 (Shakespeare’s actual title is – The tragedie of Hamlet, Prince of Denmarke):


“To be, or not to be: that is the question:

Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer

The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,

Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,…”

What say you America? I am done with it! By that, I mean that  I am growing to understand this pandemic. I know that people who are health compromised are at risk. Those people have a right to stay at home. But to demand that all Americans mask up or actually muzzle up in order for control freaks to feel better is contrary to everything that the USA was founded upon. It is a march toward Communism. Really it is but a foretaste of things to come if we all acquiesce to present-day totalitarian mythology. And it is truly a mythological wet dream of socialists to take control of our every move or even our thoughts! Favored Dr. Fauci says that he wears a mask as a   ‘symbol’ of what everyone ‘should be doing’. Since the goalpost keeps on changing to accommodate different theories by many different doctors. We as Americans have to decide on the validity of the 1rst, 2nd, and multiple other theories and prognoses of the many “experts”. 

Judging one another based on the wearing of masks has become a source of moral division in this country. I choose not to wear a mask outside of my home unless the building I am entering required it. Just as when someone enters my home I could ask for them to remove their shoes. It’s my own home. It’s their own businesses. I simply refuse to live in fear and submission constantly. I have grown weary of breathing in my own breath. That can’t be very healthy in my not so humble opinion. And it’s getting hot and humid here in the Lone Star State. I don’t judge those who for their own reasons choose to cover their faces and smiles. The masks have become a symbol of submission to authority. Maybe that’s just me. First, they said not to wear a mask. Then they said everyone should wear one.  At this point and time, I choose to welcome alternative opinions. I choose to entertain the thought that we must be free people. Ultimately we must be considerate of others. But we must also maintain our autonomy, dignity, and personal decision-making abilities. We live in a free country! Period.

Am I virtuous? Probably not. But I do recognize tyranny when I see it. I see it quite often lately. Tyranny is on steroids!  It is glaringly on display today in mostly blue states and blue cities. Demi-tyrants like Chicago’s mayor Lightfoot stationed police cars with officers at the entrance of a certain church parking lot preventing worshippers from sharing the Gospel together. This is their God-given unalienable right! That’s a power grab of biblical proportions! Not to be outdone the governor of Michigan put in place such ridiculous public policies and rules that meme-makers are having to work overtime distilling the propagation of the absurd. It’s absurd. The only question is this. Will the Democratic Party have the nation whipped into enough submission by November that voters will walk willingly into the voting booth?  Like steers in a cattle chute, will they vote for their own slaughter? Will the left be allowed to slice and dice our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, and our civil liberties? Well! Only if we let them.

We can look at each other with love or disdain while wearing or not wearing these muzzle looking face coverings. We are made neither more nor less holy by wearing a mask. Yet there are videos online of people shouting at others in stores for not wearing one. Are they holier than though? The more that we learn about the Covid-19 virus the less I see there  to be a need for these extreme measures. In my view, we are suppressing our own immune systems by adhering to these theories. That’s really all they are, models and theories.  And this is what we are doing nationwide? Different doctors are saying different things about our handling of this national health scare. But the leftist media insist on keeping us afraid of one another. That is all the Democrats know how to do. They instill fear followed by control. The MSM, the longtime long arm of the Democratic party, seems to relish in controlling the masses. The Democrat party and the mainstream media are an unholy alliance. Somebody prove me wrong! Anyone? Anyone? Kathy’s right again!

They said it out loud but we didn’t really believe them. Many from Hollywood’s ilk like Bill Maher exclaimed many times that he was hoping for a crash in the economy in order to rid the world of a Trump victory in 2020. Are 30,000,000 people out of a job enough for Bill? People are hurting in our country. We are not made to sit around waiting and hoping for a government check. We work! We aspire! We innovate! We get things done! That’s who we are in America! We were never Obama’s America. That is why I would cringe whenever Obama would say, “That’s not who we are!”  He never really knew who ‘we are’ and what we are made of. This country is enduring an unprecedented pain right now. Brought on by a virus that came from communist China. A country that has no love for us. They are probably quite envious of us. Are we hurting enough in this country for the Democrats to get their power back? Perhaps we should ask Bill.  This has become a golden opportunity for the left to manipulate our mentalities. Fear and intimidation is nothing new for the Democrats. That was their favorite tactic when they formed the KKK. So now they want all of us to be afraid all the time. They want blacks to be afraid of whites and whites afraid of blacks. Now with the “Me too” {stalled} movement, they’ve got men afraid of women and women afraid of men. Quite naturally they’ve put that movement on pause while Joe Biden runs for office.Good move Democrats! Thumbs up!

MSM was obviously annoyed when the country began to open up in some states. Mostly red. Were they losing their grip on our constitutional rights? Too bad. We’re keeping them.

 They insert race into every issue whether it is warranted or not. So people start to see racism around every corner to make us all paranoid of each other. Now with corona and the masks!?! Each individual is afraid of other individuals. Some yelling at each other, “Six feet! Six feet!” That actually happened to me at the store. Actors (who know nothing) turn to the cameras and admonish us as if we were children to “Wash your hands!” and “Stay inside” from their homes in the Hampton’s and their highrise apartments. Give me a break!

Recently a very handsome American young black man was murdered in Minneapolis by a rogue police officer. Officer Derek Chauvin put all of his weight using his knee on the already subdued and arrested neck of now-deceased George Floyd. And of course, immediately the media points out the ethnic differences of each. It was caught on video. We have all seen it by now. We get to witness murders and murderers all too often nowadays on videos as par for the course. Everyone’s got a cell phone. Many people are angry. I am angry too! I would be equally angry if it were a black police officer committing this atrocity toward a white victim. It was evil and awful. And this has happened before and too often. One time is too often. Every life is precious, including the lives of all of the victims who die through the ongoing violence in Chicago. 19 died in the last weekend alone and 82 people were shot. This was during this quarantine period. What? No riot? No march? Obviously no one really cared. Do we know their names? They are just as dead as George Floyd. One cold and calloused police officer did this. But it was a white police officer. Would it be any better if the police officer were black? We probably wouldn’t have even heard about it.

Quite naturally and nationally a large protest ensued. Were they protesting police authority overreach? Police brutality? Or was it a protest against racism? Which I would normally applaud. God bless the repose of the soul of this young man. No matter the crime he may have committed he didn’t deserve to die at the hands or knee of someone who is charged with upholding the law. Is that officer going to jail? I don’t know. But he definitely should from what I saw. Power does indeed corrupt. But I know for a fact that not all police officers are like that. And also not all men of color are criminals. But this story is exactly what the Democrats have ordered. Does that sound savage to you?

 I predicted in earlier shows that between then and November there would surely be more racial disputes reported to hail in the angry blacks and or their overseers ready to say “Now do you see?”. “America IS a racist country!”. The following expected leap would follow… that happened because Trump is a racist. But he is not a racist and neither is America. Peaceful protests are often a good thing. Particularly when our rights as human beings are infringed upon. But when do freedom-loving Americans wake up and say to themselves “I’m so damn mad about social injustice I’m just going to go steal a TV and various other expensive electronic devices! Damnit!”  Yes, that’ll reduce racism for sure. Not to worry though. They weren’t all black. I saw a photo of one white looter. He was stealing a box of Legos! I kid you not.

Fast forward to now. Major American cities are in trouble and turmoil. What I was lead to believe was that people were so upset about the unlawful death of George Floyd that they just lost their minds in rage! It was evil! I saw it with my own two eyes on the video. My heart just broke. But my heart is breaking now for a very different reason. And that is the actions of the extreme leftists afterward. Wound after wound is no way to live. We are a wounded nation. First the treasonous pandemic of the Corona Virus. Followed by the excessively extreme measures of limitations placed on American citizens by their own many forms of government. A country that was once free has now enslaved itself supposedly for the benefit of all of its people. We all (most) cooperated for a time. We covered our faces and stayed away from each other in the hope of keeping us all well. All is definitely no longer well. Outraged by the murder of George Floyd Americans mostly black at first took to the street in protest. I understood that. But to protest all over the country? I thought at that time that maybe their anger and frustration coupled with having been on lockdown for so long, that it was just a bad combination. This was and is a very volatile situation full of emotion and rage. I still understood that. Like a tiger that’s been poked, and poked while in his cage. Suddenly he bursts out of the cage and wants to kill the man who poked him. I could even almost understand that! Though I truly expected more from my fellow homo sapiens.

So then I watched hours of TV “news” to see how it would all end. Well, I’ve been deeply disappointed by what I’ve seen. Human beings descended into animalistic behavior. Actually it was worse than that. Many protesters either became or were joined by looters or rather opportunistic Babylonian thieves. Word got out via cell phones to other professional rioters. You remember those, don’t you? They’ve been out of work for a while since interrupting and attacking people who rightfully attended Trump rallies in 2015 and 2016. These paid instigators used to terrorize old people and women mostly. Oh and the occasional kid! Most wore all black, a very intimidating color and sinister looking. But it wasn’t just sinister-looking. The people who wore these outfits had a sinister agenda, mission, and intent. They knew what they were doing then. They prepared for disruption and they acted upon it with fervor and glee. They enjoyed scaring people rarely picking on someone their own size. Back then they were cowards who often wore masks so that they couldn’t be recognized. So of course they were not going to miss an opportunity like a racial protest during the Corona Pandemic to once again don their masks. Because Hey! Everybody’s wearing masks now. How can anyone tell one person from the other? Now it’s so easy to blend in! And this time they were way more coordinated, like soldiers on a real mission.

These modern-day terrorists are on a mission to cause chaos and mayhem. Hiding under the skirts of real protesters they are now in almost every major city in America simultaneously. These are bottom feeders. How did they get to each of these cities? It’s been proven from the arrests records that they don’t belong in those cities that they seek to destroy. Most people in their station in life are out of work because of the pandemic. How do they afford the travel? Where do they stay? Who’s footing the bill?

By attacking, looting, and burning down buildings in multiple urban cities across America they are in fact in a coordinated way waging war against America. If they do not cease their evil intentions in about five minutes America will be at war with them. And that they do not want! Or do they? I think it is significant that they got away with burning down the police station in Minneapolis. Lara Logan, a Fox News Contributor, had the best theory that I have heard. She was unfortunately cut off during her interview because of breaking news! What she was getting at was this (not a direct quote). The reason the interlopers needed to burn down the police station was that they needed the photo op of police officers shooting at the “protesters”. That would set off a flurry of racial violence countrywide the likes of which this nation has never seen. And then they would have gotten what they wanted. But the police didn’t bit that bait. They exited the building safely. Each made  their courageous journies home to their families

This is why instinctively when the pandemic shut down was announced Second Ammenders immediately purchased extra guns and extra ammo in anticipation of a possible war. Any enemy of the United States of America would, of course, attack us when we are down. The pandemic was too much of an opportunity for those who would want to take away our power and destroy our nation. Our brainwashed leftist young people were eager to aid them. After all, they’ve been stuck at home with little to no money. The young and the stupid would jump on that bandwagon without it having to slow to a halt.

What I see when I turn on the TV for an update is a massive group of godless young people who have not had a chance to get their freak on in months. They are mostly(my bet) from godless homes. Sex, drugs, and hopelessness have taken hold of their souls. I’ve written about this before. The idolatry of sex, violence, and consumerism is the religion of the young leftist. Without God, they do not foresee the consequences of their actions and affiliations. Never mind the fact that their frontal lobes are not fully developed. If that’s a thing!

But here’s my thing. I’ll not accept their uncouth behavior and family failings as my guidepost as to how I will protect myself if confronted by these excrements. For the most part, I keep to myself and mind my own business. But the day may come when they grow tired of intimidating the elderly and the young in the urban areas and they may leak outside of the city and come to my neck of the woods. You see we older people who live on the outskirts of the city or in the country, we know that we are not strong enough to duke it out with young intruders. Most of them are bigger than we are. But every soul I know in Texas believes in the right to bear arms. Being this old means we have very little to lose, and we have been through a few things. We know when and how to protect ourselves, quickly. We are not a Target store waiting to be looted so they can run free. If any of these merciless young yahoos attempt that mess in our homes in middle America, old people will shoot first and ask questions later. Leftist morons would be wise to stop all of this nonsense now! But wisdom is not on their list of must-haves.

God bless all of my friends and subscribers! Leftist goons are trying to stop the election and ruin our country. Let us not grow weary. Jesus says fear not! God’s got this too!  You have survived 100% of all the crap in your life, all the troubles 100% of them! Let us cling to our hope in Christ. Because we know for sure that in the end, God Wins! PEACE!


Published by KathysRight.com

I am an artist in all that I do. These include writing, painting, public speaking, and encouraging the best in others. Life is art! God is The Great Artist. We are just cheap imitations that didn't come cheaply. For He paid the ultimate price of all on the Cross. I'm political. I'm Catholic and I love my country. Politics and Religion should have always been talked about. Thinking back I was always told that these were taboo subjects of conversation. We were wrong. We should have learned how to talk about all of it in a civilized manner. And because we did not, the world around us is yelling and screaming like banshees about politics and religion. So, I have decided to no longer remain quiet nor politically correct. I choose to use my words to fight for my beloved United States of America. Join me!

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