Be Abolitionists!

Democrats masquerade as people who care about people. They are turning a blind eye to the human trafficking that has seen a surge at our borders. They were always the party of slavery and they still are. While hanging their hats on socialism and trying to make it seem palatable to the American psyche their patriarch Joe Biden and his evil sidekick Kamala Harris have turned their backs to the actual slave trade that is going on at our Southern Border. While they mandate masks in a moderately successful attempt to control the American mind, they (Biden/Harris) have opened the floodgates of hell onto the American people. The floodgates at this time actually have a geographical location. It is the Southern Border of the United States of America.

As tax payers we are being forced into contributing to and participating in a slave trade larger than the world has ever known. The human smuggling and trafficking has now surpassed the drug trade worldwide. I join people who care in this world and this nation.

There is indeed a crisis at our Southern Border. Apparently, Kamala Harris needs a GPS. She can’t seem to find her way there since Joe made it her job. The Biden administration has created an open market for human trafficking and smuggling across the southern border of the United States of America. The cartel is in league with them. Sadly Catholic Charities is a part of this well-oiled machine of human trafficking and smuggling at our border and I am beyond depressed. While I will never give up my faith, I am disgusted that people in my faith are participating in human smuggling and maybe beyond. While I will never give up my country, I am made ill by the knowledge that my government participates in the enslavement of human persons.

I thought this new administration was going to work on reparations for the descendants of slaves in America. At least that is what Kamala said. It’s illogical and stupid, but I’ll go on.  So, while she works on getting the administration to do a study on reparations for the descendants of slaves from 200 years ago, her administration is cohesively working with the cartel of Central and South America to bring in and exploit people of color who will at the very least become indentured servants to criminals. At the very worst there is sex slavery and death for these human beings. And no one will even notice.

Of course, MSM turns a blind eye! They were partners with the devil, the cartel, and all the dark money in getting this administration elected. We cannot expect an apology. This is exactly what they wanted. The sick and depraved have created a market for themselves at our southern border. The marketing of human beings. Slavery is alive and well now in the United States of America! We need to be abolitionists again Republicans and all conservatives! Americans, be abolitionists again! NOW!

Every time I want to type in the numbers it keeps growing at a staggering rate! I can’t even keep up with the numbers of illegal immigrants smuggled and trafficked into my beloved country. Our tax dollars are paying for this. We need to do something! We need to say something. This is happening on our watch. Wake up America!

“My Confessions” 36″ X 48″ by Kathy Hatch
I guess you can tell I’m into deciduous trees!

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I am an artist in all that I do. These include writing, painting, public speaking, and encouraging the best in others. Life is art! God is The Great Artist. We are just cheap imitations that didn't come cheaply. For He paid the ultimate price of all on the Cross. I'm political. I'm Catholic and I love my country. Politics and Religion should have always been talked about. Thinking back I was always told that these were taboo subjects of conversation. We were wrong. We should have learned how to talk about all of it in a civilized manner. And because we did not, the world around us is yelling and screaming like banshees about politics and religion. So, I have decided to no longer remain quiet nor politically correct. I choose to use my words to fight for my beloved United States of America. Join me!

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