Abolishing Child Trafficking

Babies are the most precious creation of God in His own image. God once humbled himself to be the smallest of small in the womb of Mary. Everything that Joseph and Mary did when they knew of God’s plan was to protect this child, this Lord of lords. Instinctually most every mother feels this way about her young. Children deserve our purest of love and protection. All children do. Because God said so. And because we are born with the inclination to make sure that children are safe we are collectively in a state of shock when this is not true.

In these troubled times, indeed in these soul-sucking days, there are many of my generation who for the past year at least, watched as our young people declined in their ways of life or manners of living. Spiraling downward in freefall with a desperate intent on achieving their ultimate goal of getting to hell fast.  We saw gratuitous violence that was supposedly for the sake of peace. Leftists young and old violated businesses, the American English language, and any assumption of safety that we once took for granted. Those were our birthrights as American citizens. Remembering that sense of safety and certitude fondly,  we now hold those pre-pandemic times very dearly.

I tend to be a real-life Polyianna. I was always a person of hope and optimism. Always a target for anyone who wanted to burst my bubble. Of course, they did! Some people are bubble poppers! It’s as though I was bubble wrap and they can’t help themselves. I’m always ready with a smile and eager to love people! I see silver linings generally everywhere! I see every blade of grass as praising God! Beautiful mountaintops still make me cry. The wonder of the ocean makes my heart swell in awe! I keep champagne always chilled because you just never know when something wonderful will happen! When I’m out and about and someone’s baby smiles at me I think of it as a precious gift, a special blessing from God Himself. I love and believe in God’s goodness! And I truly believed in the goodness of humanity. And yes! Wonderful things do happen to me all the time! I am truly blessed.   I still am completely right about God. This I know for sure. But about people…humanity? Sadly and furiously, I was half wrong about them.

Last year while being sequestered at home, as most Americans were, I began to see video reports of young people tearing down statues and saying ‘f*** the police’ and then spitting on them. These people were called “peaceful protesters” by Democratic propagandists/reporters. I helplessly watched the television as peace officers were being pelted with rocks, bricks, and bottles filled with urine by barbarous youths who wore black masks, black hoodies, and skinny antifa jeans. These graceless trolls yelled in the officers’ faces standing so close I’m sure their putrid saliva made a  landing. Meanwhile, they burned and looted into the darkest hours of the night. Whatever happened to showing respect for police officers? You know, those guys we call when we’re in danger? They are our first line of defense, those brave men and women, who daily risk their own lives to keep us all safe! We are supposed to show respect or at least a little appreciation for what they are doing to keep us safe!  I was raised to believe that and rightfully so. All I could think about while watching the chaos on television was ‘Who raised these heathens!’? Were they raised by wolves? Are their parents proud?

They said it was in the name of justice? There was certainly no justice for the innocent citizens and business owners! Blue city leaders emasculated the police officers by demanding that they stand down and not arrest these scum perpetrators.  When I saw one young hoodlum pour some sort of liquid over the head of one of the officers, it made me feel as though someone had punched me in my stomach. It literally hurt my soul to see that. I had this unusual feeling of helplessness and a loss of hope. And I, Poliana became depressed!  Having been a housewife of over 30 years, I could only conclude that I must have been sheltered from this strange new phenomenon of mayhem, lack of love, and of civility. How did this happen to the America I love?

I actually had to do a deep dive into my inner soul and search. Whilst fighting to keep my faith in humanity, was I going to let this shake my faith in God? Or America? The young? I have four grown children who were not any of these people who rioted, destroyed buildings, looted, and disgraced our American heritage.  I was hurt, bewildered, and embarrassed by the activity of these young people I saw on television news.  They could have and should have been doing something way better with their time and energy. With that kind of energy, they could have built something awesome! With that kind of passion, they could have innovated something new to make this world a better place! What a waste of potential! Good grief! 

I started KathysRight.com a couple of years ago.  I wanted to write about Politics, Art, and my relationship with Jesus. I thought, maybe I could encourage others to fight the good fight and never give up! To look for the silver linings around every cloud and never give in! Not ever!

I started to meet people like me, Americans! People who were not ready to wave the white flag, not now or ever! People who were fighters in their spirit and might. Unlike the young criminal “protesters”, we saw over “the summer of love” trashing everything around them, real Americans will not cower. We will stand strong! We clearly outnumber them and we have better guns too! They have picked the wrong fight and in the wrong country. They have chosen the wrong side, clearly. There are millions of us! All we have to do is our part to fix this. My mom used to often say “Fix it Jesus!” Well, we are the hands, arms, and feet of Jesus. We refuse to feel helpless anymore. We can’t afford to get depressed or lose hope. Too much is at stake! That is not a luxury we have anymore. So what are we to do? I hear that all the time. The things that each American can do are infinite! Each according to their own abilities.

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’”

~Fred Rogers 

I started to find people who are the helpers of today. “Look for the helpers!” I’ve read that in more than one poem. People who do their best to change lives for the better. People who have even seen unspeakable evil yet are inspired to do something to repair that evil.  This is their mission in life and God help them! They put themselves sometimes into dire situations to help those who cannot help themselves.  That is how I discovered O.U.R. They save children from slavery of the unspeakable nature.

All that I have ever known about slavery before was that blacks like me were enslaved in this country at one time. It was all very terrible. And then blacks were set free from slavery. Later, along came Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  He and others fought peacefully(the real kind) for civil rights for all!  Oh yes! And also that Jews were enslaved in Egypt for a very long time.  Along came Moses to set his people free and handed on the Ten Commandments to all of us. You know the stories! We had a basic pedestrian purview of slavery. I had public education, a little college, and of course Hollywood movies! I thought it was all over! In fact, some (not me) are seeking reparations for that grievous part of American history. Wow! I was so naive. I was painlessly so unaware.

Well, it’s not over. Slavery is alive and well and slithering around America and many other major countries. Child sex slavery is an actual industry! I had seen inklings of this as a real issue from movies on Netflix and the like. I frankly didn’t want to think about it. That would have made it real! And I couldn’t bear that. My heart wasn’t ready to make that jump into such a horrible reality. Not until I started paying attention to our Southern Border here in Texas. I kept hearing the words, “unaccompanied minors”. It would just roll off of the reporters’ mouths kind of similar to the “kids in cages” mantra spewed ad nauseam by the ladies on the “View” and others who mimicked the Democratic talking points on cue. As if they really cared.

I’ll be honest, I never did understand how so many kids came to be unaccompanied. My thoughts were ‘did their parents just leave them there?’. Upon further research, I learned something that I still cannot digest. All of those kids, maybe most are being trafficked by the cartels. Trafficked; meaning against their will. They’re not old enough to consent to anything. Let alone being dragged through the wilderness and deserts to a border they knew nothing about. But even direr than that, many are for sale for sex to the highest bidder that the cartels can find. If that fails or they die they are sold for body parts (organ harvesting) otherwise known as the Red Market.

To the coyotes, these little ones are the merchandise. A few weeks ago Tim Enlow, a security specialist, and a former police officer was a guest on KathysRight.com with me. By the time he came on, I had done so much research and found that this was a huge problem in America and indeed the world. Tim opened my eyes to something so deadly and dark that everything in me wanted to turn away and never think of this again. I couldn’t bear thinking of those children losing their childhood and their innocence to evil like that. I had no idea that evil was so dark, heartless, and horrifying.  By bringing this to light, Tim Enlow and I were trying to help. So I looked for more helpers. My soul has a heart of its own and it was more broken than ever. I watched documentaries read articles looking for the helpers! I read and read. No matter how uncomfortable it was I discerned that I have to help too! In some way! 

Then, I saw a documentary about Tim Ballard who founded Operation Underground Railroad. He was under attack for growing his nonprofit operation which is exactly what he needed to do to save even more children. I watched and read the good, bad, and the ugly. When I saw him speak at the Tim Ballard – Senate Judiciary Committee on March 6th, 2019. It’s on YouTube. 

He was in my opinion a decent steadfast man doing great things to literally save trafficked children from the demented evil people who are harming them. My conclusion is this. Operation Underground Railroad is a very good thing. These are the helpers. They really do rescue children, 1000’s in fact from just about everywhere taking them out of sex trafficking. O.U.R. assists law enforcement jurisdictions all over the world in the rescues of trafficked children. As well as that, they provide aftercare, shelter, and counseling in 26 states in the U.S. and 28 countries around the world. So far! O.U.R. trains new volunteers(helpers) to do so too! Because the child sex trafficking industry is growing so fast, as many people as possible are needed to help end the pure hell of what is happening to these poor children. 

I decided to donate my artwork for this cause as well. I’m happy to do it. I’m looking for opportunities to help. Asking God every day…What can I do? This podcast is about that very thing. We are all tired of feeling and being helpless. But we don’t have to be. We can each find our way to help save children and the world with the help of Jesus. Here’s one such helper!

Ron Tran is a volunteer extraordinaire for Operation Underground Railroad. He’s an O.U.R. team leader and is very devoted to the cause of saving children from the very real nightmare of child sex trafficking. Happy to welcome Ron to KathysRight.com!

To purchase beautiful works of Art including mine please contact artforour.org

Thank You.

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By Kathy Hatch


Published by KathysRight.com

I am an artist in all that I do. These include writing, painting, public speaking, and encouraging the best in others. Life is art! God is The Great Artist. We are just cheap imitations that didn't come cheaply. For He paid the ultimate price of all on the Cross. I'm political. I'm Catholic and I love my country. Politics and Religion should have always been talked about. Thinking back I was always told that these were taboo subjects of conversation. We were wrong. We should have learned how to talk about all of it in a civilized manner. And because we did not, the world around us is yelling and screaming like banshees about politics and religion. So, I have decided to no longer remain quiet nor politically correct. I choose to use my words to fight for my beloved United States of America. Join me!

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