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Fear has become a commodity used to bankrupt souls weakened by our own neglect to nurture them. Fear is being peddled as a natural state of existence fully normalized by outside sinister forces. Why does the Bible even need to say in many ways ‘fear not’ three hundred and sixty-five times? Because God knows our weaknesses and our concupiscence and He wants us to be alert and aware of these flaws that stem from our fallenness since the days of Adam and Eve. It has become more imperative than ever to tend to the depths of our innermost beings.

We are well aware of the fear-mongers of the mainstream media. They “prowl the earth seeking the ruin of souls” as is stated in the St. Micheal Archangel prayer. Their at it 24 hours a day and seven days per week. Don’t believe me? Check out MSNBC news for five minutes! Prove me wrong. You won’t be able to but I’m certain that you get my drift. If you are so prone to open a newspaper, if you can find one anymore, it’s more of the same.

Our public schools are also on this mission to make fear the central theme of education. Critical Race Theory for example. They want one side to be perpetually afraid of the other side because they are supposedly oppressed. They want the other side constantly in a state of guilt fearful always of the words that come out of their mouths so as not to offend. The devil loves to divide and conquer as he began in Genesis. This was the “original sin”!

This is why the careful study of the Bible is necessary to aid in the protection of our souls. God has been warning us for thousands of years. As a Catholic, I study the Bible readings daily if I don’t attend Mass(where it is read daily). Last week we were partially in the Book of Revelations. Catholics and Protestants interpret this book differently. But it is all ok. Because in the End, God wins every time! It’s a scary book and can be used in sinister ways. Realize the enemy also knows the Bible forward and backward.

We need to acknowledge the uncomfortable study of fear if we are to address it head-on. The book, “The Artist Way” by Julia Cameron, which is a very good spiritual guide to reawakening the creativity within the artist, I was helped a great deal. I was stuck! Blocked if you will. My paintings were stale and lacked life and merit. I was embarrassed by my own work. I felt like an epic failure. I absolutely love creating art. Art was placed in my DNA and had to be explored or I would definitely perish. When not creating and expressing in some form it feels as if I’m punishing myself for whatever, I never could figure that out. But that is what it feels like for me when I stop creating. I discovered in reading this particular book that what was stopping me was fear. It was fear of failure. I feared not being perfect. I feared people would hate my art and my writing. Deep inside of that anxiety was buried fear of success. In the process of doing a deep dive, I had to ask myself. Why would I fear success? It was then that I realized something profound in my soul and my psyche. What if I do succeed? I’d have to keep going and work my ass off! I would have to be responsible and I would be expected to create masterpiece after masterpiece. Then there was so much inner laughter. Heck, I laughed out loud! No one bats a thousand every time. But we all have access to immense creativity through God. Once again God was the answer. Surrendering to Him was a bit of a process. But it is so worth it. Fear made my old painting ugly! I could see it!

This must be what it feels like to be born again! Catholics consider this a conversion experience. A metanoia!

The point of my sharing this is that we must all at least reach for the metanoia experience in Christ Jesus. Metanoia is defined as:


meta·​noia | \ ˌme-tə-ˈnȯi-ə  \

Definition of metanoia

: a transformative change of heart

especially: a spiritual conversion 

According to

The media and society have instilled so much fear in the hearts of its audience that many fail to recognize what it is. It is then that it manifests itself into anxieties, inappropriate stress responses, and a host of other maladies. Quite honestly without divulging intimate details, I was once put on medications for anxiety. There is no shame in that. I’m not embarrassed. I want you to know that medication is not always the answer. For some, maybe in severe cases, people need medications to address serious psychological issues and they are warranted. From what I have discovered however is that there are an inordinate amount of people, in this country for sure who are heavily medicated with anti-depressants and benzos. This is a by-product of the construction of a society fueled by the constant promotion of fear.

The pandemic accelerated this predicament and has made it larger than life. We have been hobbled by a sense of dread because we are exposed to the delirium of power-hungry maniacs who seek to literally control the world as if they themselves were God.

God is not having it. Little do they know. He is sovereign and He is Lord. Ours is to release ourselves through His mercy from the shackles of fear and doubt. We were created in the image of God to be creators; mothers and fathers, artists and architects, builders and bricklayers, truck drivers, and factory workers. In whatever our capacity we are still the creators that God made us. God does not want us in a constant state of fear. But that is how we are becoming.

The media and the globalists are leading us at this point like sheep to a slaughter. They are very serious about depopulating the world. They are at this point doing a great job of it. We are dropping like flies all over the world. Fear and control that is apparently their M.O. But this is not new or even news. These times have been foretold by many mystics and prophets and it is happening before our own eyes. 

What these conglomerates do not know is that this book has already been written. That is precisely why we must not fear. We must not fear life nor death. Both have been conquered for us on the Cross. The Holy Cross. Refuse fear. Fear is a liar. Open your hearts and minds to what God has already promised us. He is the only One who does not break His promises. Fear not 365!  

Satan and his minions are enjoying the hell out of this plandemic. He loves that we are wearing masks and shaming others for not wearing them. He loves that people stopped going to Church and are watching preachers on TV. He is cackling like Kamala at the thought of families barring members from feast days because they are not vaccinated. Do not acquiesce to the enemy. Do not cooperate with sin. There is no compromising with him. It’s always a trick when you do. 

God gave us an instruction book. The Bible! Read it! Use it! It says clearly 365 times to “Fear Not”. No, scripture is not a pill or a vaccine. But it will remind you of God’s promises. It will remind you that you should trust Him over and above politician doctors who say whatever big pharma wants them to say.

We are not sheep for the slaughter. We are lambs with a Shephard. We are smarter than we know and more creative than we know. All of that creativity is stifled in our minds and hearts by holding on to a fear that has been training us into mindlessness put there by those with evil intent. God gave us intuitiveness so that we could siphon through the bullshit of this world and come out of this not as weeds but as living breathing children of God with a recognition of our true worth in God’s eyes and not the eyes of this world. Remember who you are. Look at the Crucifix, Jesus hanging on that cross, and know your worth. He thought you were worth it then. Whether you know so or not He still thinks that you are worth His sacrifice. Fear not!

Today’s special guest is Catholic author, speaker, retreat leader, and life coach Rose Sweet. She’s written 14 books that inspire people to live happier lives by living in Christ. She understands the struggle of many because she too, like myself, has experienced them. I love talking with her because I really learned something. That’s what it’s about today. Let’s talk life, liberty, and Jesus with Rose Sweet! She’s pretty amazing! And fun too!

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I am an artist in all that I do. These include writing, painting, public speaking, and encouraging the best in others. Life is art! God is The Great Artist. We are just cheap imitations that didn't come cheaply. For He paid the ultimate price of all on the Cross. I'm political. I'm Catholic and I love my country. Politics and Religion should have always been talked about. Thinking back I was always told that these were taboo subjects of conversation. We were wrong. We should have learned how to talk about all of it in a civilized manner. And because we did not, the world around us is yelling and screaming like banshees about politics and religion. So, I have decided to no longer remain quiet nor politically correct. I choose to use my words to fight for my beloved United States of America. Join me!

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  1. Excellent Article! Thank you for reminding me that fear is the only thing keeping me from finishing my book.


  2. This is Mary’s husband Andrew. Mary had a seizure, causing asphyxiation. She has an injury to her hippocampus causing short term memory loss. She is in the hospital and needs lots of prayers


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