When Charity Hurts

I love my Catholic Church and my Catholic Faith. These are the cornerstones of my life. I was hesitant to do this podcast because I did not want to be the one who openly criticizes the practices of the beloved home of my belief. I am Catholic. That is not just what I am that is who I am to my very core. I started serving God in several ministries of my Church in 1997 as I still do. I will continue serving in whatever capacity that God calls me to for as long as I am alive and perhaps God willing beyond that time. I pray that I am convicted of being a follower of Christ within the tenets and doctrines of Holy Mother Church when I meet my maker on Judgment Day.

That said, I must also say that in my training both biblically and spiritually as a Catholic Christian I am compelled to be honest and forthright when I see and learn of incompatible issues and practices within the Faith that defies reason and are inherently short-sighted. After all, all of us have suffered from the many scandals in the Church, particularly the child victims of sexual abuse. The entirety of mankind was forever scarred by that embarrassing stain on the Church. Many people lost their Faith! Those times made many question the validity of Catholic Truth which by the way, has not changed regardless of the very few Judas’ that acted within her fold. Catholics still live with the shame of that time. We learned to tell the truth to ourselves about ourselves so we could allow God to correct us as a Church. We changed how we did things to keep us all honest. The Holy Spirit has not left the Church and it never will. We still cling to the theological virtues of Faith, Hope, and Love! So let us look at the Truth by way of these virtues.

1825 Christ died out of love for us, while we were still “enemies.”100 The Lord asks us to love as he does, even our enemies, to make ourselves the neighbor of those farthest away, and to love children and the poor as Christ himself.101

The Apostle Paul has given an incomparable depiction of charity: “charity is patient and kind, charity is not jealous or boastful; it is not arrogant or rude. Charity does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrong, but rejoices in the right. Charity bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.”102

1826 “If I . . . have not charity,” says the Apostle, “I am nothing.” Whatever my privilege, service, or even virtue, “if I . . . have not charity, I gain nothing.”103 Charity is superior to all the virtues. It is the first of the theological virtues: “So faith, hope, charity abide, these three. But the greatest of these is charity.”104

~The Catechism Of The Catholic Church

Charity, therefore, is the virtue of Love!

What is true love though if we must dance with the devil to achieve it? Can true charity co-mingle with an evil agenda and plan? Is it possible? Is it permissible to have a coordinated interchange with the very people who are marketing human beings as chattel? There has got to be a better way, a more loving way to be charitable to the refugee than having to cooperate with criminals and a depraved government-sanctioned invasion of the United States of America. When the guise of charity has become a wheel in the mechanism of human smuggling and trafficking is it still charity? Or it, God help us all, misplaced help with the intention of being charitable? I beg of our Catholic Bishops in America and the Church as a whole to find the smarter way to love without sacrificing the good faith of the very people who entrust the Church to honor their personhood and indeed their souls. Love does not lead people to slaughter. The Bishops of Texas and indeed all of the border states each need to make a personal visit to the eye of this tornado and ask the tough questions like,” Where are these children going now?” And they must demand to know and hold these facilities accountable. That would be true Love.  

There is so much hard evidence of human smuggling /trafficking at our Southern border that it is staggeringly obvious! At this point, trafficking is at the largest scale in magnitude that has ever been witnessed before in the world. The U.S. is the largest consumer of trafficking. It is not a theory; it is a somber fact! Smugglers no longer fear arrests by the border patrol agents because the agents have been told by the higher-ups (the Biden Administration) not to arrest them. We are witnessing a well-oiled machine coordinated to admit as many men, women, and particularly children into the interior of the United States of America as possible. And as fast as possible! Where many if not most of these illegal immigrants particularly the children will be exploited at best and sold at the very worst. Some of the women and children do not survive the arduous journey. Many refugees have succumbed to the elements of the wilderness and the desert. Many are abandoned raped and killed by the very smugglers(criminals) they trusted to get them to the U.S. Their decomposed bodies can be found along the many routes taken by the coyotes.

One-third of the children that are captured and placed into U.S.-run facilities show signs of sexual abuse. Right now the number of sexually abused is in the tens of thousands. But at the present rate of entry not including the “got aways” the number of sexually abused children entering this country will number in the millions. That is child sex trafficking en masse! Where these abuses happened are varied. They most likely occurred during their journey to this country. Some have been molested in facilities here in Texas. They are investigating a series of rapes at a holding facility in San Antonio.

My returning guest today is Timothy Enlow, a security specialist, who works at the border providing protection for others also investigating the dramatic increase in border crossings since Biden has taken office. What he has seen is shocking and unnerving. Listen or watch as he shares about the methodically coordinated effort of the U.S. government, the cartels, MS-13, and unfortunately Catholic Charities to quickly process illegal immigrants into this country. To this, I must pose a question. When it is painfully obvious that human smugglers/ traffickers have a system in place with the blessing of the U.S. government to race, vulnerable women and children, across that border at great risk of being indecently exploited, is it morally right to be a part of that system? That machinery used for slavery or at a minimum indentured servitude? Even if you are feeding those on this journey, knowing what we certainly now know, is this charity? It’s like working on a slave ship and saying “Well I was in charge of the food!”. Is this love? I’m not so certain that it is!

Biden put us all in this position. We’ve had problems at the border for generations. It only improved there when President Donald Trump changed the rules of engagement between the Border Patrol and the smugglers. Activity there definitely slowed down for that short while. As a result, there were fewer women and children getting raped and murdered. Biden then gave an open invitation to the world to come here to the U.S. “You should come!” Biden said! That was a  green start flag to the criminals who would abuse this invite as a race to the border dragging along with them unaccompanied minors. All claiming to be families. They don’t check DNA anymore under Biden only for Covid. And they all coordinate still to pass them through like cattle for slaughter. They are all working together. Biden, the cartels, MS-13, and unfortunately Catholic Charities. I’m praying for my Church! May God have mercy on our souls!

Tim Enlow on KathysRight.com

Let me know what you think!


Abolishing Child Trafficking

Babies are the most precious creation of God in His own image. God once humbled himself to be the smallest of small in the womb of Mary. Everything that Joseph and Mary did when they knew of God’s plan was to protect this child, this Lord of lords. Instinctually most every mother feels this way about her young. Children deserve our purest of love and protection. All children do. Because God said so. And because we are born with the inclination to make sure that children are safe we are collectively in a state of shock when this is not true.

In these troubled times, indeed in these soul-sucking days, there are many of my generation who for the past year at least, watched as our young people declined in their ways of life or manners of living. Spiraling downward in freefall with a desperate intent on achieving their ultimate goal of getting to hell fast.  We saw gratuitous violence that was supposedly for the sake of peace. Leftists young and old violated businesses, the American English language, and any assumption of safety that we once took for granted. Those were our birthrights as American citizens. Remembering that sense of safety and certitude fondly,  we now hold those pre-pandemic times very dearly.

I tend to be a real-life Polyianna. I was always a person of hope and optimism. Always a target for anyone who wanted to burst my bubble. Of course, they did! Some people are bubble poppers! It’s as though I was bubble wrap and they can’t help themselves. I’m always ready with a smile and eager to love people! I see silver linings generally everywhere! I see every blade of grass as praising God! Beautiful mountaintops still make me cry. The wonder of the ocean makes my heart swell in awe! I keep champagne always chilled because you just never know when something wonderful will happen! When I’m out and about and someone’s baby smiles at me I think of it as a precious gift, a special blessing from God Himself. I love and believe in God’s goodness! And I truly believed in the goodness of humanity. And yes! Wonderful things do happen to me all the time! I am truly blessed.   I still am completely right about God. This I know for sure. But about people…humanity? Sadly and furiously, I was half wrong about them.

Last year while being sequestered at home, as most Americans were, I began to see video reports of young people tearing down statues and saying ‘f*** the police’ and then spitting on them. These people were called “peaceful protesters” by Democratic propagandists/reporters. I helplessly watched the television as peace officers were being pelted with rocks, bricks, and bottles filled with urine by barbarous youths who wore black masks, black hoodies, and skinny antifa jeans. These graceless trolls yelled in the officers’ faces standing so close I’m sure their putrid saliva made a  landing. Meanwhile, they burned and looted into the darkest hours of the night. Whatever happened to showing respect for police officers? You know, those guys we call when we’re in danger? They are our first line of defense, those brave men and women, who daily risk their own lives to keep us all safe! We are supposed to show respect or at least a little appreciation for what they are doing to keep us safe!  I was raised to believe that and rightfully so. All I could think about while watching the chaos on television was ‘Who raised these heathens!’? Were they raised by wolves? Are their parents proud?

They said it was in the name of justice? There was certainly no justice for the innocent citizens and business owners! Blue city leaders emasculated the police officers by demanding that they stand down and not arrest these scum perpetrators.  When I saw one young hoodlum pour some sort of liquid over the head of one of the officers, it made me feel as though someone had punched me in my stomach. It literally hurt my soul to see that. I had this unusual feeling of helplessness and a loss of hope. And I, Poliana became depressed!  Having been a housewife of over 30 years, I could only conclude that I must have been sheltered from this strange new phenomenon of mayhem, lack of love, and of civility. How did this happen to the America I love?

I actually had to do a deep dive into my inner soul and search. Whilst fighting to keep my faith in humanity, was I going to let this shake my faith in God? Or America? The young? I have four grown children who were not any of these people who rioted, destroyed buildings, looted, and disgraced our American heritage.  I was hurt, bewildered, and embarrassed by the activity of these young people I saw on television news.  They could have and should have been doing something way better with their time and energy. With that kind of energy, they could have built something awesome! With that kind of passion, they could have innovated something new to make this world a better place! What a waste of potential! Good grief! 

I started KathysRight.com a couple of years ago.  I wanted to write about Politics, Art, and my relationship with Jesus. I thought, maybe I could encourage others to fight the good fight and never give up! To look for the silver linings around every cloud and never give in! Not ever!

I started to meet people like me, Americans! People who were not ready to wave the white flag, not now or ever! People who were fighters in their spirit and might. Unlike the young criminal “protesters”, we saw over “the summer of love” trashing everything around them, real Americans will not cower. We will stand strong! We clearly outnumber them and we have better guns too! They have picked the wrong fight and in the wrong country. They have chosen the wrong side, clearly. There are millions of us! All we have to do is our part to fix this. My mom used to often say “Fix it Jesus!” Well, we are the hands, arms, and feet of Jesus. We refuse to feel helpless anymore. We can’t afford to get depressed or lose hope. Too much is at stake! That is not a luxury we have anymore. So what are we to do? I hear that all the time. The things that each American can do are infinite! Each according to their own abilities.

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’”

~Fred Rogers 

I started to find people who are the helpers of today. “Look for the helpers!” I’ve read that in more than one poem. People who do their best to change lives for the better. People who have even seen unspeakable evil yet are inspired to do something to repair that evil.  This is their mission in life and God help them! They put themselves sometimes into dire situations to help those who cannot help themselves.  That is how I discovered O.U.R. They save children from slavery of the unspeakable nature.

All that I have ever known about slavery before was that blacks like me were enslaved in this country at one time. It was all very terrible. And then blacks were set free from slavery. Later, along came Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  He and others fought peacefully(the real kind) for civil rights for all!  Oh yes! And also that Jews were enslaved in Egypt for a very long time.  Along came Moses to set his people free and handed on the Ten Commandments to all of us. You know the stories! We had a basic pedestrian purview of slavery. I had public education, a little college, and of course Hollywood movies! I thought it was all over! In fact, some (not me) are seeking reparations for that grievous part of American history. Wow! I was so naive. I was painlessly so unaware.

Well, it’s not over. Slavery is alive and well and slithering around America and many other major countries. Child sex slavery is an actual industry! I had seen inklings of this as a real issue from movies on Netflix and the like. I frankly didn’t want to think about it. That would have made it real! And I couldn’t bear that. My heart wasn’t ready to make that jump into such a horrible reality. Not until I started paying attention to our Southern Border here in Texas. I kept hearing the words, “unaccompanied minors”. It would just roll off of the reporters’ mouths kind of similar to the “kids in cages” mantra spewed ad nauseam by the ladies on the “View” and others who mimicked the Democratic talking points on cue. As if they really cared.

I’ll be honest, I never did understand how so many kids came to be unaccompanied. My thoughts were ‘did their parents just leave them there?’. Upon further research, I learned something that I still cannot digest. All of those kids, maybe most are being trafficked by the cartels. Trafficked; meaning against their will. They’re not old enough to consent to anything. Let alone being dragged through the wilderness and deserts to a border they knew nothing about. But even direr than that, many are for sale for sex to the highest bidder that the cartels can find. If that fails or they die they are sold for body parts (organ harvesting) otherwise known as the Red Market.

To the coyotes, these little ones are the merchandise. A few weeks ago Tim Enlow, a security specialist, and a former police officer was a guest on KathysRight.com with me. By the time he came on, I had done so much research and found that this was a huge problem in America and indeed the world. Tim opened my eyes to something so deadly and dark that everything in me wanted to turn away and never think of this again. I couldn’t bear thinking of those children losing their childhood and their innocence to evil like that. I had no idea that evil was so dark, heartless, and horrifying.  By bringing this to light, Tim Enlow and I were trying to help. So I looked for more helpers. My soul has a heart of its own and it was more broken than ever. I watched documentaries read articles looking for the helpers! I read and read. No matter how uncomfortable it was I discerned that I have to help too! In some way! 

Then, I saw a documentary about Tim Ballard who founded Operation Underground Railroad. He was under attack for growing his nonprofit operation which is exactly what he needed to do to save even more children. I watched and read the good, bad, and the ugly. When I saw him speak at the Tim Ballard – Senate Judiciary Committee on March 6th, 2019. It’s on YouTube. 

He was in my opinion a decent steadfast man doing great things to literally save trafficked children from the demented evil people who are harming them. My conclusion is this. Operation Underground Railroad is a very good thing. These are the helpers. They really do rescue children, 1000’s in fact from just about everywhere taking them out of sex trafficking. O.U.R. assists law enforcement jurisdictions all over the world in the rescues of trafficked children. As well as that, they provide aftercare, shelter, and counseling in 26 states in the U.S. and 28 countries around the world. So far! O.U.R. trains new volunteers(helpers) to do so too! Because the child sex trafficking industry is growing so fast, as many people as possible are needed to help end the pure hell of what is happening to these poor children. 

I decided to donate my artwork for this cause as well. I’m happy to do it. I’m looking for opportunities to help. Asking God every day…What can I do? This podcast is about that very thing. We are all tired of feeling and being helpless. But we don’t have to be. We can each find our way to help save children and the world with the help of Jesus. Here’s one such helper!

Ron Tran is a volunteer extraordinaire for Operation Underground Railroad. He’s an O.U.R. team leader and is very devoted to the cause of saving children from the very real nightmare of child sex trafficking. Happy to welcome Ron to KathysRight.com!

To purchase beautiful works of Art including mine please contact artforour.org

Thank You.

Audio Only

By Kathy Hatch

The Wild West

I guess we are all in search of a better quality of life. After a particularly rough year, most everyone is tethered to a certain amount of emotional exhaustion. 2020-2021 will go down as two of the worst years of our lives.

We’ve experienced a pandemic, riots, business loss, joblessness, hopelessness, media manipulation, character assassinations, a bogus election, political corruption, medical confusion, racial strife…the list just goes on and on. Death is the worst of it.

Many people died during the pandemic. Not all of the Coronavirus as reported by the mainstream media. Many died of broken hearts. After most of America spent many months imprisoned in their homes or apartments, it isn’t any wonder that depression became a byproduct of this national and indeed worldwide disaster.

We must remember that not everyone had the comfortable homes as presented on television while we were being told to “just stay home, save lives!” Some people, even here in America, had shanty homes, tents or they lived in their cars or some makeshift abodes. The great divide of the haves and the have nots became evident. But the MSM never admitted that. That would have been like a confession of sorts for them.

The folks of the mainstream media are the elite. Most in the media are millionaires, which isn’t that hard to be nowadays if you combine the value of their homes with their holdings, adding retirement plans, as well as the devaluation of the dollar! But more than that difference many in the media are detached from the reality of most Americans. Those who live paycheck to paycheck were not prepared for a shut-down enthused pandemic.

Yet they (MSM) continued to report about peaceful protests while businesses and police departments were burning down behind them. They were not reporting the actual news for an entire two years! They simply told us what they wanted us to hear to get us to believe and behave in a certain way. It has all become self-evident. We now know unequivocally that the news can no longer be trusted. Their halo has been busted and it cannot be repaired. So why do they still exist? I don’t even know. 

Many on the left, without regard for logic, are clamoring for cities to defund the police across America. This is their response to perceived racism in the police departments in bluely led cities where almost half of the police officers are in the ethnic minorities. The whole idea is absurd and defies reason. 

The reason for my diversion in thought is that the media is on a mission, it would appear, to destroy the fabric of trust in our country. While the police are on a mission to protect and serve. It would be more logical, really, to defund the mainstream media! The police departments might have a few bad apples (very few) but the media is singing the tune of the Marxists roaming our streets seeking to cause harm and creating chaos.

Our VP Kamala Harris’s campaign collected funds to bail out rioters in several blues cities during our Summer of Love. No questions asked. And since we have seen that the media and the Democratic Party are one and the same we can easily conclude that they are on the side of those wreaking havoc in the streets of Portland, Minneapolis, and yes even in cities like San Antonio Texas. 

Imagine my surprise when during the pandemic/riotous season, I saw a video of police officers from the San Antonio Police Department’s union representatives pleading with the city last year, not to defund the police! They shouldn’t have even had to ask that! All because of the George Floyd death in Minneapolis, activists in San Antonio call for the defunding of the police!? 

 But I’ll describe it. Ten to fifteen police officers representing themselves and their union, all uniformed and handsome standing behind a mic. A sunny day in San Antonio is not unheard of. What struck me was that all of them were as dark or darker skinned than me. And I’m black. So they want to punish these officers? In a reaction to a tragedy of what a white police officer did in Minneapolis!? To a black dude?  Because black lives matter? Geez! This world has gone mad!

Defund the Democratic Party. Defund MSM! Defund George Soros! (I’ll explain that one on a later blog) Defund Planned Parenthood. Arrest Antifa and Black Lives Matter! Restore peace in our cities. Stop all of this nonsense!

This wicked call to defund the police puts us all in peril. Today is Memorial Day when we remember those that sacrificed everything for our freedom. While we remember our heroes, let us fight to preserve the very freedom that they fought so hard to preserve. We not only have a right to fight for it. It is our duty. They will have not died in vain.

This is how we do funerals in my family.

It was a very hard day. But we survived it. My Mother would have been proud of how we carried ourselves.

Pray for the repose of the soul of my Mother. Love you Momma! Forever and always.

Trust and believe I’ll be writing about this most awesome Mom in the near future. I miss her so very much.

Melinda Rivera American Patriot

I got to talk with my friend and ally Melinda Rivera. As always she brings it. She is as tough as she is beautiful and kind. Never mind she is on the ball about what is going on these days in America. She hails from New Mexico and truly loves her friends and family there. But she also loves the people of New Mexico and she is doing everything in her power to make some much-needed changes there. She also lives in Texas where she is a small business owner. This year has been tough on all small business owners including her. But she’s a fighter and a survivor. I have no doubt we will see big things in her future. I am honored to know her. Here’s our conservative talk. Two sisters in Christ fighting the good fight one word at a time. 

Be Abolitionists!

Democrats masquerade as people who care about people. They are turning a blind eye to the human trafficking that has seen a surge at our borders. They were always the party of slavery and they still are. While hanging their hats on socialism and trying to make it seem palatable to the American psyche their patriarch Joe Biden and his evil sidekick Kamala Harris have turned their backs to the actual slave trade that is going on at our Southern Border. While they mandate masks in a moderately successful attempt to control the American mind, they (Biden/Harris) have opened the floodgates of hell onto the American people. The floodgates at this time actually have a geographical location. It is the Southern Border of the United States of America.

As tax payers we are being forced into contributing to and participating in a slave trade larger than the world has ever known. The human smuggling and trafficking has now surpassed the drug trade worldwide. I join people who care in this world and this nation.

There is indeed a crisis at our Southern Border. Apparently, Kamala Harris needs a GPS. She can’t seem to find her way there since Joe made it her job. The Biden administration has created an open market for human trafficking and smuggling across the southern border of the United States of America. The cartel is in league with them. Sadly Catholic Charities is a part of this well-oiled machine of human trafficking and smuggling at our border and I am beyond depressed. While I will never give up my faith, I am disgusted that people in my faith are participating in human smuggling and maybe beyond. While I will never give up my country, I am made ill by the knowledge that my government participates in the enslavement of human persons.

I thought this new administration was going to work on reparations for the descendants of slaves in America. At least that is what Kamala said. It’s illogical and stupid, but I’ll go on.  So, while she works on getting the administration to do a study on reparations for the descendants of slaves from 200 years ago, her administration is cohesively working with the cartel of Central and South America to bring in and exploit people of color who will at the very least become indentured servants to criminals. At the very worst there is sex slavery and death for these human beings. And no one will even notice.

Of course, MSM turns a blind eye! They were partners with the devil, the cartel, and all the dark money in getting this administration elected. We cannot expect an apology. This is exactly what they wanted. The sick and depraved have created a market for themselves at our southern border. The marketing of human beings. Slavery is alive and well now in the United States of America! We need to be abolitionists again Republicans and all conservatives! Americans, be abolitionists again! NOW!

Every time I want to type in the numbers it keeps growing at a staggering rate! I can’t even keep up with the numbers of illegal immigrants smuggled and trafficked into my beloved country. Our tax dollars are paying for this. We need to do something! We need to say something. This is happening on our watch. Wake up America!

“My Confessions” 36″ X 48″ by Kathy Hatch
I guess you can tell I’m into deciduous trees!

They’re Back!

Will we ever rid ourselves of looters and rioters. At this point they totally lack message or meaning. It’s just violence for the sake of chaos. Americans are officially tired of this nonsense. Nothing gets better because of it. The only people who have profited from this are the leaders of Black Lives Matter who are now purchasing mansions in 99% white neighborhoods. Nothing says power to the people quite like buying mansions in a neighborhood full of people you claim hate you. What a scam!

The Economics of It All

Sometimes it takes and outsider looking in to describe and explain things more objectively. Especially when I’m talking to an international economical expert. Things that I have never considered before actually had a huge impact on my life and the lives of all Americans. Munyumba Mutwale is from Zambia, Africa. Although he has had a privilged life he has come to have a world view that offers insight into American politics. This is the first of two interviews. I think you’ll see and hear what I mean.


My Confessions

“My Confessions” by Kathy Hatch 36″X 48″

This painting was a labor of love for me and Jesus. Getting the form and composition was easy. However, painting the faces was very difficult. I tried to figure in the age that Mary would have been at the time of the crucifixion. She was 14 when she and the Holy Spirit conceived the Son of God. So I added 33 years which was the age of Jesus when he expired on the Cross. She would have been around 47 at that time. No matter how hard I tried, I could not make her look the age that I considered. I still see her as the 14-year-old young woman who said YES!

I can only imagine the pain in her heart having to watch her Son who was brutally tortured. Wrongfully executed on the Cross of our redemption. When in her heart she knew there was a bigger cause for the agony that He endured.

When a child falls and scrapes their knee a mother’s heart sinks and she feels the pain of her child as if it were her own. She immediately begins to clean the wound. Perhaps some ointment to prevent infection. The mother puts a bandaid on the scrape and she usually will kiss the now-covered injury. That is motherhood. That is what we do with love. 

The body of Christ had suffered so many wounds and lacerations. On His precious head He bore the wounds from the crowning of thorns. The soldiers mocked Jesus as they whipped him. Jesus took on the shame of our sins with every blow. Every stroke of the paintbrush on the body of Jesus is representative of my sins. At times I would have to step back from the canvass to weep in sorrow for my sins. It was sometimes painful for me. Imagine his pain. My sins put Him there. I felt the weight of sin on His bruised and battered legs. 

By the way, I apologize. Those strikes of color which represent the wounds on Jesus’ body are only my sins in this painting. I had no room for yours. There was just no room!

This was and is a very personal painting. I felt exposed as I opened the wounds further with the strength of the brush. The firmer brushes were used to lay in the contours of Both Jesus and Mary. Many times I would say to Mary, “I am so sorry Mary, for harming your Son and thereby wounding your heart as well.” He took on all of our sins not just my own. Past, present, and future, but for all of mankind who acknowledge Jesus as the only true Son of God.

No longer was it necessary to offer animals sacrificed to God for atonement. Jesus said I will be your sacrifice once and for all! But before this sacrifice, there was another, back in Genesis 14:

When Abram returned from his defeat of Chedorlaomer and the kings who were allied with him, the king of Sodom went out to greet him in the Valley of Shaveh (that is, the King’s Valley).


Melchizedek, king of Salem,* brought out bread and wine. He was a priest of God Most High.


He blessed Abram with these words:c

“Blessed be Abram by God Most High,

the creator of heaven and earth;


And blessed be God Most High,

who delivered your foes into your hand.”

Then Abram gave him a tenth of everything.

As we see here the first instance of offering bread and wine in the Bible was from the high Priest Melchizedek, king of Salem. After which, Abraham(then Abram) tithed 1/10 of everything to Melchizedek. The first priest mentions in the Bible by name. And is a model for the priesthood today. Hebrews 5:

“You are a priest forever

according to the order of Melchizedek.”


In the days when he was in the flesh, he offered prayers and supplications with loud cries and tears to the one who was able to save him from death,* and he was heard because of his reverence.


Son though he was,* he learned obedience from what he suffered;f


and when he was made perfect, he became the source of eternal salvation for all who obey him,g


declared by God high priest according to the order of Melchizedek.

The night before his death Jesus did the same with bread and wine. Only this time he gave of himself truly. Jesus was prefigured as far back as Genesis as I’ve shown you. He knew that he would suffer. He also knew who would betray him. Every time that you or I sin that is a wound to the Body of Jesus who loved us unto his own death. In order to fathom the reality of Christ, we must understand the value of suffering. Jesus showed us redemptive suffering. His examples are perfect both naturally and supernaturally. That Passover meal not only prefigured the Eucharist. It was the beginning of a covenant with His people. 

Now for over two thousand years, the Eucharist is celebrated all over the world every day, every hour of the day. Except for Good Friday. (when there is dispensation or for the sick, or if it has been consecrated previously to the day of Good Friday)

The pieta that I have painted is in remembrance of that Good Friday. I can envision Jesus being taken off of the cross. Someone dislodges the nails from his hands and his feet. They then place his holy body on the lap of Mary his heartbroken virgin Mother before taking him to the tomb for burial. The Bible says that the earth went dark. Matt Ch.27:

   From noon onward, darkness came over the whole land until three in the afternoon.


 And about three o’clock Jesus cried out in a loud voice, “Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani?* which means, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”

That is why I chose to keep the background of the painting very dark. I imagined there would be much more blood than I could paint. The wounds were difficult enough for this sinful soul. Due to the size and proportion of the scene and my canvas, it was impossible for me to get all of the seven wounds of Christ. I like many artists before I chose to put a veil (maybe Veronica’s veil?) over Jesus’ midsection to cover him up. We know that they hung Him naked to shame Him in front of those who followed Him. Surely Mary herself would have covered her Son of course. We should never forget the sufferings of Christ and we must learn to join our own suffering to His. We can even offer our own suffering up to God for those we love in imitation of Christ.

We can now look forward to Easter! Then we will celebrate the Resurrected Christ in all of His glory! We will share in that Resurrection in joy and thanksgiving. Our sins will be washed clean by his word and our repentance. We will renew our Baptismal Promises and we will start a new day praising Him all the day long. And Hallelujah will be our song! Thank you Jesus for all that you’ve done for me and for carrying my own cross when I could not. Look at how much he loved us! How very much He loves you! If ever you feel unworthy of His love just look up at the Cross and He tells you every time that you are still His. And you are worthy.  Let us thank Him always. A grateful heart is a happy heart. Thank you Jesus for loving me. I pray for each person that reads this. God bless you and keep you in the palm of His hand. Shalom.

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Canceling Cancel Culture

Are you tired of watching conservative people, thoughts and ideas being cancelled? I am! Then I ran across this fantastic video that gave me some hope. It was produced, written and directed by Tim Colomba a young conservative with tons of talent. Talented conservatives are often shut down or shshshed. As a conservative artist I too have experienced this. This video called “Freedom of Creativity” got me excited and hopeful. Not all young people are snowflakes. Some have morals and faith and yes! Real talent. Check this video and my talk with him here! Also please subscribe to my channels and share. Thank you! Enjoy!

Texas Freedom

We are free at last as of this coming Wednsday and that is not soon enough for me. God bless Texas and prayers for all of America. These draconian rules have set us all back and reminded us that what the left really wants is communism. Well, we’ve got a little battle fatigue. We must never allow this to happen to us again. We will continue fighting the good fight for freedom and our God given rights. The masks may have helped but it definitely left us less free. We now know how far the left is willing to go to drag our great republic into communism. We will not stand for it!

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