Politics and Faith

Politics and faith collide. We were taught not to discuss politics or faith in polite company. Let’s rethink that. While we were being polite, liberals and feminazis ran amuk in our country. We may never fully recover. But having those uncomfortable conversations might be just what this country needs. Human sexuality has become perverted and not respected as a gift from God. It’s time we re-evaluate what our mothers taught us. That might have worked fine for them in the 40’s and 50’s. But our silence today has given rise to unspeakable truths that we have to acknowlege if we are to better our society in the future.

We don’t have to become more like the liberals in our behavior. But if we truly want to see more common decency in our society today we may have to get a little uncomfortable. We must live our conservative values out loud and be proud of who God made us to be. The silent majority can no longer afford to be silent. There is simply too much at stake. Please listen to my show and comment. I’d really like to know what you think.


Published by KathysRight.com

I am an artist in all that I do. These include writing, painting, public speaking, and encouraging the best in others. Life is art! God is The Great Artist. We are just cheap imitations that didn't come cheaply. For He paid the ultimate price of all on the Cross. I'm political. I'm Catholic and I love my country. Politics and Religion should have always been talked about. Thinking back I was always told that these were taboo subjects of conversation. We were wrong. We should have learned how to talk about all of it in a civilized manner. And because we did not, the world around us is yelling and screaming like banshees about politics and religion. So, I have decided to no longer remain quiet nor politically correct. I choose to use my words to fight for my beloved United States of America. Join me!

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